Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tom Phillips Speaks. Kind of.

Regular readers (hi, mom!) know that in the last few weeks we've written once or twice about the fraud charges brought against LDS President Thomas S. Monson in the UK by one Thomas Phillips, a British chappy widely known for being quite unhappy...with Mormonism. Well, in an outcome literally nobody predicted, the charges have been dismissed as being (and I paraphrase) "utterly and completely without any merit whatsoever. I mean, really? REALLY? Take up knitting or something, you insufferable boor." Awkward, right? Anyway, what our aforementioned readers (hi, mom!) might not know is that the esteemed Mr Phillips actually deigned to comment on an earlier post. In response to Brett he wrote,

Thank you for your "expert" analysis. If I had come to you for legal advice I could have saved myself a lot of time and money that could have been spent on more worthwhile pursuits.
I also think comments about a 'half brained' judge extremely unsettling when aimed at a very experienced district judge sitting at the pre-eminent Magistrates Court in England and Wales.
Maybe the 'half brained' remark should be reserved for anonymous internet posters who pontificate on a matter they know nothing about.
See you at trial.

Pictured: Tom Phillips, I assume

As editor-in-chief of Expert Textperts, the only thing I care about more than frivolous posts designed to stoke controversy, drive pageviews, and encourage comments (remember: if you question my maturity you automatically win!) is balance, which is why I'd like to extend an open invitation to the venerable Tommy-tom (can I call you Tommy-tom, Tom?) to speak his mind again. No editing, no censorship. We want to hear from you, Tom, Tommy-tomtomington! So consider the pulpit yours, as it were. Speak your peace; let us know what's on your mind! Are you disappointed? Invigorated? Apoplectic? Embarrassed? Have you lost faith in the judicial system? In the whatever the heck you Britishfolk have instead of a First Amendment? Let us know!










Brother Phillips?


See you in the comments.

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