Friday, March 14, 2014

Tribute to Meridian Magazine (a Flowchart)

Lately, as periodically happens in the Mormon blogo-world (someone should think of a catchy nickname for that, like "blogference" or something. Like, blog conference. Get it?)...anyway, lately the venerable Meridian Magazine has been a topic of discussion in some circles. The online independent LDS magazine has recently produced, among other things, a...fascinating...attempt to harmonize a literal Genesis flood account with modern science, a fawning paean, and a scathing attack on the Ordain Women Movement and its secular media enablers. However, I've noticed that some people seem to miss the point of articles like this when discussing them. Therefore, as a community service I produced this thoroughly researched yet immediately accessible visual aid demonstrating Meridian's manifest value to the online LDS community, which in many ways goes to the very core of our religious identity. Enjoy.


  1. Dimply fabulous! (Whoops, I meant to write simply fabulous, but with that cute baby, both apply.)

  2. Bloggernacle. It's called the bloggernacle. Although meridian isn't invited to the bloggernacle party

    1. The thing is, my pretending to not know what the bloggernacle called IS the joke there. But it's probably easy to miss my intended tone if you don't know me so I'll let it go :)

  3. What the crap--why has no one told me?! I've been calling it the "Blogrum of the 12 Blogpostles" this whole time...