Friday, November 22, 2013

I Walked Away From A Car Crash

It was just after I reached the crest of the mountain pass that I noticed my big SUV drifting into the adjacent lane. Felt it, really, just a slight awareness that something was wrong. I was in the left freeway lane, with a semi truck a few dozen yards ahead. No other vehicles were close. The weather wasn't great, but it had been worse earlier. Just some moderate drizzle now. Visibility was decent, though the sun was beginning to set behind a grey swirl of clouds. When my vehicle began to drift I nudged the wheel back to left, just slightly. I’m not sure I could have stopped what happened next. It all happened in four or five seconds.

I’ve been making the six hour drive between Las Vegas and Provo, Utah every other week since we moved to Vegas two months ago. My wife, Brooke, is student teaching at a local high school this semester. My new job, an online marketing startup based in Provo, has allowed me split time working from the office and remotely from Vegas as Brooke finishes her degree. I don’t mind the long drives back and forth: it’s relaxing and lets me catch up on my podcasts.

Today marked the end of a week in Utah. Instead of driving my own car I borrowed my in-laws’ Ford Excursion so I could move a few things next week. I left work early, hoping to reach St. George before dark. It's been cold and rainy all week, and the central Utah freeways are treacherous this time of year. The rain cleared into an intermittent drizzle as I continued south. The road seemed safe enough.