Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Ordain Women October 5th Action as told in GIFs.

It's General Conference time, and today we've enlisted EOR for help explaining one of the big issues of the day in Mormondomism, the controversial Ordain Women movement and its attempt to obtain tickets to the General Priesthood Session tonight. EOR was a great sport, having only been given two days notice to write this, and was given unprecedented access to the Expert Textpert GIF vault. Enjoy the result, and as always, let the page load for a minute or two before scrolling down.

Casey asked me to do a write-up of the history of the Ordain Women October 5th Action in GIFs.  I am an ally, but am not otherwise officially affiliated with Ordain Women (hereafter referred to as OW) other than that I know very many members and love them all dearly.

So, it all started in early 2013 when OW was formed. All the Mo-Fems were like

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rock N' Roll is Evil, I Tell Ya--Winning the Testimony War

A few months back I wrote about an infamous fireside that circulated in my mission which warned about the dangers of witchcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and rock music. For a full introduction you can and definitely should read that post here. At the time I'd just gotten ahold of a recording of the fireside--which I learned was had been given by an LDS lecturer/musician named Lynn Bryson, who also wrote a book called "Winning the Testimony War"--but the recording was incomplete and cut abruptly cut out midway through a denunciation of Boy George. However, I was recently contacted by another former missionary who had a full copy of the so-called "Rock n' Roll Fireside",  and since my Google traffic stats show that at least a few dozen people have found that post searching for terms related to Bro. Bryson and his work, as a public service I've decided to offer the full thing as a download, in all its paranoid, homophobic, and undeniably sincere glory. Just click to play, or depending on your device right-click or long-press to save the files, and enjoy the weirder side of Mormonism.

Lynn Bryson - "Rock N' Roll Fireside"
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4