Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Ordain Women October 5th Action as told in GIFs.

It's General Conference time, and today we've enlisted EOR for help explaining one of the big issues of the day in Mormondomism, the controversial Ordain Women movement and its attempt to obtain tickets to the General Priesthood Session tonight. EOR was a great sport, having only been given two days notice to write this, and was given unprecedented access to the Expert Textpert GIF vault. Enjoy the result, and as always, let the page load for a minute or two before scrolling down.

Casey asked me to do a write-up of the history of the Ordain Women October 5th Action in GIFs.  I am an ally, but am not otherwise officially affiliated with Ordain Women (hereafter referred to as OW) other than that I know very many members and love them all dearly.

So, it all started in early 2013 when OW was formed. All the Mo-Fems were like

And the rest of the world was like


Fast forward to the announcement of the October 5th Action to peacefully stand in line to attend the Priesthood session.  Now even Mo-Fems were split.

Some were like this

Others, more like

Still others felt like this

Or this

As the public began learning about OW, everything started to go like this

And people started to do and say terrible things on blogs and Facebook like


OW has received attacks on all sides. Some have labeled the MoFem community as

All the while OW have maintained that this is not a protest, but is a peaceful action that should be dealt with peacefully. Then The Church responded to their request for tickets to the session publicly.

The Church was all like

The session will now be broadcast live on the internet, but no women will be allowed to attend the Conference Center for it.

And some men were like

And some women were like

Other women were like

And still others were like

OW announced that despite the rejection they would still wait in the standby line as planned. For some this ramped up the

Yet for others it made them all

So here we are day of.  You can choose to love a group of faithful sisters whether or not you agree with them.  You can choose to honor their free agency and their personal revelation.


Is not going to change anything at this point.

So let’s all err on the side of

And go like this


Do you agree with this post? Disagree? Feel the need to call us to repentance? Leave a comment! As always with posts like this, the best comments will be in the form of a GIF.