About Us

Expert Textperts is a blog started by three Mormon guys and and an equally Mormon girl for the purposes of writing about whatever we feel like writing about. Although blogger places our origins in 2011, completely legitimate historical research indicates that the traditions of the Textperts goes back hundreds, even thousands of years.

About our contributors:

Casey is a BYU history grad who abandoned a Don Draper-like career in online marketing to return to school for a Masters in City and Regional Planning at the University of Utah, thus ensuring confused allegiances forever. We'll let you know how that works out.... He also has a pretty awesome wife/coblogger.

Brooke is a heroic junior high Spanish teacher who managed to graduate with her BA after only 8 years of classes. She married Casey in 2010. She stays sane by spending her free time at the nonprofit she helped start in 2015. In addition to writing here, she reviews movies at Brooke and Casey at the Movies and sometimes remembers to update her personal blog.

Brett is a graduate student in the Transatlantic Masters program at the University of North Carolina. He spends his time either reading or writing about the European Union, NATO, and other European or transatlantic treaty organizations. He and his beautiful wife have a young baby named Noah who is literally the most adorable thing ever.

Allan is a PhD student in theatre history and performance studies at the University of Maryland right outside of Washington, D.C. He hopes to teach at a college or university, but we'll worry about that in another 4 or 5 years. In the meantime, he enjoys attending as many performances he can afford and make time for.

Reach us on twitter @experttextperts or via e-mail at ExpertTextperts [at] gmail [dot] com