Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rock N' Roll is Evil, I Tell Ya--Winning the Testimony War

A few months back I wrote about an infamous fireside that circulated in my mission which warned about the dangers of witchcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, and rock music. For a full introduction you can and definitely should read that post here. At the time I'd just gotten ahold of a recording of the fireside--which I learned was had been given by an LDS lecturer/musician named Lynn Bryson, who also wrote a book called "Winning the Testimony War"--but the recording was incomplete and cut abruptly cut out midway through a denunciation of Boy George. However, I was recently contacted by another former missionary who had a full copy of the so-called "Rock n' Roll Fireside",  and since my Google traffic stats show that at least a few dozen people have found that post searching for terms related to Bro. Bryson and his work, as a public service I've decided to offer the full thing as a download, in all its paranoid, homophobic, and undeniably sincere glory. Just click to play, or depending on your device right-click or long-press to save the files, and enjoy the weirder side of Mormonism.

Lynn Bryson - "Rock N' Roll Fireside"
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4