Friday, January 27, 2012

Mister President

Okay, so if you haven't been paying attention there's a presidential election beginning to heat up. We're midway through the Republican primaries, in which the remaining candidates compete to see which can compare himself most favorably to Ronald Reagan. The eventual winner will take on President Obama and...look, you know how that's gonna go, and I'm sure we'll post more about that in the future. So let's step back and think about what we want in a president, with a little help from Hollywood.

First, I want a president who's a diplomat. Someone willing to reach out and talk with our enemies, who believes that talk makes us strong, not weak.

I want a president with strong moral values. I don't care too much about religiosity, but I someone scrupulous enough to avoid scandal.

Of course, simply not doing bad things isn't good enough. I need a president who will take action - who will work hard to get things done.

Having said that, we need someone temperate enough to not overreact - not someone paranoid, or quick to make rash decisions.

The President must also be a leader, able to rally the country together in times of crisis and difficulty.

The president needs to come up with real solutions (warnings: contains swears):

Sometimes, however, things will go wrong, and the president must be able to deal with with the fallout.

Let Us Begin
Deep Impact —

Too much to ask for? Let's hope not. Times are tough, and we need you, Mister President.