Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mormon History #1: The First Vision (As Told Through Twitter)

I've always believed that my responsibilities as a blogger are not only to myself, my readers, and the world at large, but also to posterity. To that end my ultimate goal is to one day see this humble blog join the likes of Wikipedia and the library of Alexandria as one of mankind's greatest treasures of knowledge and wisdom. Indeed, we're already part way there: I have learned in the course of events that Expert Textperts is known to some as "that blog that does posts with GIFs." And while I embrace that lofty title, I am not satisfied with it.

And so, I present to you our latest work: the tale of Mormonism itself, beginning with its 19th century inception and eventually continuing in future installments to the present day, or until I get distracted or bored. It is a tale of miracles and heavenly visitations, yet I also seek to maintain a dialogue with the latest scholarship and address historical problems in order to present the reader, insofar as I am capable, with all available facts. So enjoy this first of an indeterminate number of posts on Mormon History...as told through Twitter.