Saturday, November 10, 2012

Election Reactions Explained by GIFs

Well it's over, and by now everybody's had time to digest the election results. Liberals are satisfied but not overly confident following a narrow but solid electoral victory. Conservatives are calmly and stoically assessing how to best put forth their ideas as a loyal opposition party...haha, just kidding, everybody's losing their minds on the cusp of four more years under a centrist Democrat /Muslim communist radical president (depending on your perspective). Mine is not to judge whether the more jubilant or apocalyptic election reactions are correct; instead, I seek to describe what I've seen in the most informative and succinct manor I know: animated GIFs. So here it is, my list of of the whos and hows of the 2012 election! For best results, give it a minute to load before scrolling further.

My reaction

Fox News


Liberal friends on Facebook

Liberals disappointed with Obama but still opposed to Romney

Conservative friends on Facebook

Elderly Republicans

GOP pundits

How Republicans think Democrats are secretly reacting

What Democrats think about that

How I feel about post-election histrionics


  1. Haha, this is so funny. hahaha. The elderly republicans is totally my G-ma.

  2. My favorites are the elderly republicans, and how Republicans think Democrats are secretly reacting. Because it is SO TRUE.

  3. Oh, Hugh Laurie, you would be used to animate the Democrats.

    Thanks for the much-needed laugh. :)

  4. 538 is the most accurate reaction. We knew. None of this was surprising. But it's still good to have it confirmed.

  5. This is the funniest thing I've seen this year! I am actually going to subscribe to this feed. A rare thing for me to do. You had me with the elderly republicans reaction. That one, I've seen first hand.

    1. Thanks for reading! Feel free to look through our vast archive of...umm... 14 months or so and always comment if you like what you're seeing so our egos are gratified enough to encourage further posting :)