Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Casual Twitter Racism

I’m just going to start this post out with a jpg that will make my sentiments regarding this entire problem clear:

I know, professor. I know.

As everyone who hasn’t lived under a rock for the past year or so knows, the Hunger Games is kind of a big deal. Particularly this last weekend, as it was the highest grossing non-sequel of all time with $155 million. MILLION. See? Big deal. Hunger Games was also Stephanie Meyer’s moment to pretend to shine, as we were all forced to watch the trailers for her upcoming dumps, Breaking Dawn pt 2 and the Host (I refuse to link you to those trailers, you might watch them. If you insist on watching Twilight, do it this way.) But that’s all beside the point I’m working towards.

The title of this Jezebel article posted yesterday really says it all: Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed.

Um... Okay, so there are racist weirdos out there, but there can’t be too many, right? ...

But what can they be upset about? Lenny Kravitz? Sure, Cinna wasn’t described in detail, but I personally think he was perfect for the role. No?

So not everybody was as pleased as myself about Lenny...

Thresh then? He was just some tribute who had all of two lines and 20 seconds of screen time. Just some big black dude who looks the other way when he has the chance to kill Katniss. And he was described in the book by the author as “dark skin... six and a half feet tall.” Accurate. Definitely.

Rue? Also described in the book as having “dark brown skin and eyes”, Amandla Stenberg is about the most beautiful 12 year old I have ever seen and a great (if not perfect) fit for Rue. (Although, her parents really named her Amandla? Yeah, not a typo my friends.)

Apparently not everyone agrees with the casting, in fact enough idiots in the interwebz were not only outraged, but enough so to post about their outrage on the single most public forum on the internet: twitter. Enough of these idiots were around that someone was able to put together an entire tumblr account based on the aforementioned idiots.


why did you have to write this not gonna lie kinda ruined my day

This is probably the worst and simultaneously safest to post, as there is not use of the n word or other offensive swears. The person running the tumblr says that she has now deleted all her previous tweets and turned her twitter account into a "not gonna lie" meme.

You honestly think you're funny? Your face is funny. Looking.


Whateeeeeever you say.

Um... you guys couldn't have read the books because you didn't even get the major character's name right!

Duh. Only black people can pick cotton.

"they are dark skinned! They work in the field in her district. Duh." Which is worse, hating them because they are black, or accepting their blackness because they work in the fields and sing freedom songs all day?

Hey society, I think your engine is flooded.

Fortunately, due to the insane amount of popularity gained by all this, most of the original idiots have privatized, changed, or entirely deleted their twitter accounts.

Also fortunately, due to how ridiculous us sane people know those idiots to be, the tumblr has been changed to be mostly people making fun of the original racists or discussions of racism and other casting choices in the movies.

Wait! Just one more who didn't like Lenny Kravitz casted as Cinna...

At least we like our gays. Oh, wait, gay marriage? Totally different.

A big thanks to imgur for making me laugh hysterically and having tons of pictures.