Monday, January 11, 2016

We're Starting a Movie Blog! (Plus a Few Thoughts on the Future of Expert Textperts)

Many readers are probably aware that the two most frequent and arguably best looking contributors to this blog, me and Brooke, are actually married. To each other! And, like many human people, we like to watch movies. This year we set a goal of increasing our familiarity with film history by watching more classic movies, using Roger Ebert's Great Movies list as a reference. Thus, we thought it would be fun to combine all these elements into a new project, Brooke and Casey at the Movies.

We've written about film a few times here, notably back in 2013 when we recapped the Oscar best picture slate, but we wanted to do something more narrowly-focused and conversational than Expert Textperts has generally been. Rather than traditional reviews or essays, we'll be posting lightly-edited chat recaps about once or twice a week as we work through Ebert's list (or any other movie we choose), hopefully with insight and sensible amounts of humor. Here's a sneak preview:

As for Expert Textperts, a quick glance at the archives shows that our output has decreased annually since we began in 2011. Only 22 post in 2015, down from 80 in 2012. I can think of a few reasons: among our four original contributors, life circumstances have changed. There have been been marriages, children, grad schools, dissertations, cross-country moves, new jobs, and many other events that have taken precedence over unpaid blog writing. On a personal level, I've grown less interested in writing about Mormon stuff, which has always been one of the main focuses here. So many of those issues are cyclical, and it can be difficult to say something that feels compelling and worth reading, especially when the latest news is so exhausting and dispiriting. In addition, writing silly jokes and political satire, which I've been known to do, is often more immediate and gratifying on social media.

Facebook even does gifs now...

Still, this is not a goodbye. The urge to write still strikes often enough to justify the small cost of this site. Besides, some essays and some jokes are just better suited to a venue like this. Social media rarely demands the kind of mental effort and clarity a decent blog post requires, so it remains a useful exercise even if a particular post has a limited audience or receives little feedback. I'll continue writing about whatever topics strike me, as often as I want to. I imagine our other contributors will do the same.

One day this blog will probably die--as most do--with a shrug and a long-overdue "goodbye" six months after the last post. But not yet. Let's see where 2016 takes us, and if we've earned any loyal readers...well, thanks for coming along for the ride. And check out the movie blog.

As if the site that basically introduced reaction gifs to the bloggernacle could ever die


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