Monday, January 18, 2016

Rejected Millennial Star Posts

Regular readers may be surprised to learn this, but Expert Textperts is not the only blog that occasionally touches on Mormon topics. In fact, in spite of blogging losing the "cool" factor it used to have, there are still dozens, nay, tens of dozens of blogs about Mormon stuff.

One such blog is called Millennial Star, best known in certain circles for its..shall we say... selective...commenting policy. It's also an online home of proudly rigid orthodox and conservative Mormon thought (FINALLY), although for some reason that doesn't extend to reviving discredited RLDS apologetics...but I digress. The more perspectives the merrier, says I!

This guy's view is a valid as anyone's.

What you might not know is that M*, as it's colloquially known, actually rejected me as a permablogger, for personal reasons (specifically, that they technically don't know who I am and I think I misspelled my email on the application). Still, I had a lot of great topics to pitch them, so as a service I now offer them to the world.

You're welcome.

- Women Don't Even Need Authority

- The Mormon Case for Flogging Children

- Hate the Sinner, Who is a Sinner

- You'd Be Surprised How Many Women Joseph Didn't Have Sex With

- Prophets, God... Pretty Much the Same Thing

- Why I Would Support Reinstating the Priesthood Ban, Theoretically

- Standing For the Right Kind of Families

- Women Are Awesome When They Are Mothers

- Denver Snuffer is the Worst

- We Actually Love Gays, Just Not the...Icky Stuff

- Why Feminism is Bad For Women: A Man's Perspective

- Why Do People Keep Saying I'm Threatened by Women?

- Fortunately, God Agrees With Me

- Not All Liberals are Bad, But I Still Wouldn't Associate With Them

- God's Eternal Healthcare Plan (Doesn't Involve Government)

- Get Over It Already

- Why Do People Say I Sound Like Denver Snuffer?

- Why Doing What You're Told is a Virtue

- God Wants White Apostles


  1. You missed "Second Amendment: Second Commandment?"
    Oh wait, that one they posted.

  2. These are all hilarious!! "You'd Be Surprised How Many Women Joseph Didn't Have Sex With" -- That one really made me laugh!

  3. That guy is too serious. I could help it help it to read the very important points in this blog. I just millennials, of which i am, then the serious face. Nice article though

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