Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Manifesto on Gay Marriage: Testifying the Truth

This post began as a kind of dark satire, but instead morphed into an (admittedly twisted) attempt to write the worst Mormon blog post ever. Or maybe it's still a satire. Either way it's definitely an exercise in seeing how many people actually read italics.

I want to make it clear that I harbor no animosity towards homosexuals.

I shouldn’t have to include that disclaimer, but in our relativistic, liberal society there are those who believe that any opposition to the gay agenda is motivated by anger or hatred, just as any opposition to their president is motivated by racism. They'll call me hateful. They'll call me a bigot. It just goes to show how “tolerant” those kinds of people really are.

But in a fallen world, sometimes you have to stand up.

When religious freedom is under attack, the faithful have to fight back. And make no mistake, the danger is real. Have you read the newspaper? Have you been to the movies? I don’t need to tell you what the world is glorifying. Sex. Divorce. Disobedience. Immodesty. Immorality. Abortion.

I’m not saying that this all started with gay marriage. It’s been clear that the family has been under attack for decades now. From Hollywood. From the liberal media. From those who love to make a lie and who call good evil and evil good. It’s not a political thing, but it’s clear where the lines have been drawn. The day is coming where we must choose who to serve.

Are you on the Lord’s side?

The homosexual agenda just the latest in a long string of attacks from the adversary against the family. Understand, he hates families. He hates you. He wants you to be unhappy. And that’s why he’s working tirelessly to promote the gay agenda, because he wants to hurt you.

The world tells you that it’s not a big deal, because it doesn’t affect you. Why not let people do what they want? Isn’t that the whole point of free will and agency? What harm could happen from people doing what they choose? Nephi knew about arguments like that. He knew how enticing they could be. That’s why he called them flaxen cords, so harmless that you don’t notice them until they’ve dragged you into hell.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t love gay people. I'm actually arguing the exact opposite. We should reach out to them as Christ did to publicans and prostitutes. We should do all we can for them. Uplift them. Encourage them, as we encourage all, to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. But I'll never stop standing up for correct principles.

There’s a reason we put murderers in jail. Regardless of what the world teaches, we must stand up for right even when it's not popular.

I’m not against gay marriage, because, to be perfectly frank, there is no such thing. Marriage is, and always has been, between man and woman. Being “against” gay marriage is like being against calling an Orange a Green. Just like colors don’t change, marriage doesn’t change. Family doesn’t change. I’m not against anything. I am pro-family. I have a right to protect my family using the laws of the land.

I don’t know if the family can weather this storm. I pray it can. I pray that our political leaders will do the right thing, that they’ll honor the will of the people and the word of the Lord. America is a blessed, country. It can, and should, be great again.

Yet we know that things will get worse before they get better. For many the gospel of progressivism and the scriptures of moral relativism are their guides. Too many of us worship at the altar of government, expecting the state to fix all our problems. But those with ears to hear know better. We know who will win in the end. And I will stand up and speak for the Right. I won’t be intimidated, and I won’t let the forces of political correctness and “tolerance” mock and belittle me into submission. I'll testify for Truth.

Will you?


  1. "There’s a reason we put murderers in jail. Regardless of what the world teaches, we must stand up for right even when it's not popular."

    Definitely, my favorite. It takes a lot of courage to come out against murder.

    As Bobby Newport, former candidate for the Pawnee City Council, once said, "I'm against crime. And I'm not afraid to say it."

  2. As I read this, I was kinda amused/disgusted thinking that if I read this as a talk in sacrament meeting, that I'd probably have about 10 people or so approach me and thank me for such insightful testimony.

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