Thursday, May 23, 2013

Taking Jon McNaughton Seriously. Seriously.

Occasional Expert Textpert punching bag Jon McNaughton is at it again, and this time he's gone straight for the jugular. The jugular of liberalism. He's also added a new weapon to his arsenal: humor. The humor of separating liberals from the rest of society. Because they're diseased.


Now, a lot of folks tend to dismiss McNaughton as a buffoon, a knave, a fool, a pompous twit, a scaremonger, an opportunistic hack, an ass, and a mediocre artist, but just this once I think it's worth taking a serious look at his ideas. Some might say, "What's the point talking about a relatively obscure Mormon painter with the soul of a political cartoonist yet again?" The answer is not that it's an easy way to get pageviews or that it's a lazy way around writer's block. No, it's that Jon McNaughton is more than just a painter: he is a man of ideas and convictions. And rather than sit back and mock his painting as overwrought, unfunny, absurd, mindless, juvenile, and banal, I think it's time we engaged with what the man has to say. Accordingly, I've taken selections from his explanation of the aforementioned work, "Liberalism is a Disease," and will expound on them below.

Let’s look at the most liberal communities in the country.  New York City, Detroit, Chicago…how are they doing?

Sadly, he's got a point. There's a reason why people who live in those cities are moving out by the tens of millions.

Pictured: The Big Apple. Not the Big Apple Soda, LOL.

[Liberals believe] we should remove guns from law-abiding citizens who have a right to protect themselves, and leave them in the hands of criminals who will acquire the firearms anyway… How many gun free zones do you know that have low murder rates?

There's no rebutting this. I mean, it's not as though criminals ever obtain firearms that were initially purchased legally in areas with more lax gun laws. That would be like parents setting rules about not having drugs in their home only to have their kids buy drugs somewhere else and use them at home anyway. In other words, it doesn't happen. Although when I was growing up my parents' home was a "gun free zone" and our murder rate was fairly low, so, counterpoint, I guess.

The same liberals who are trying to save us turn around and demand abortion rights for woman at the expense of over 53 million human lives.

Obviously, abortion is a thorny issue filled with moral grey areas and ethical conundrums, but one thing we can all agree on is that the best people to make those kinds of decisions are privileged white men. Look, if we're not telling women what kinds of reproductive choices they're allowed to make, they might makes ones we don't like. Then they might not produce male children, and without those who's going to tell women of the future what to do?

Pictured: Leading experts on woman stuff.

[Liberals want to] raise the national debt to meet the continued demand for welfare and entitlement spending at the expense of our country’s economic future

This is true. For more on why that's bad, let's turn to Mr. McNaughton, writing about Ronald Reagan:

In order to cover newly spawned federal budget deficits, the United States borrowed heavily both domestically and abroad, raising the national debt from $900 billion to $3 trillion. Reagan described the new debt as the "greatest disappointment" of his presidency. Much of the federal deficit increases were due to military spending which eventually led to the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War. Many of Reagan's fiscal policies led to American prosperity well into the next century...The American economy grew by more than a third in size, producing a $15 trillion increase in American wealth. Every income group, from the richest, middle class and poorest in this country, grew its income.

As you can clearly see, it was an unmitigated disaster of peace and prosperity.

[Liberals want to] fight a war against terrorism without identifying who the enemy is because of political correctness and then allow illegal aliens to cross the border by the millions.

What's the relationship between terrorism and illegal immigration? Why mention them together? Mr McNaughton, being the subtle writer he is, does not spell it out, but the answer is clear for anyone with eyes to see: brown people. Frankly, I too am tired of PC nonsense stopping us from calling a spade a spade. Obviously not all brown people are bad, but if we're going to be a nation ruled by law and not men, then we need the law to reflect the reality that most of our problems are caused by brown men. No, I'm not talking about black people; I'm not racist and neither is Jon McNaughton. That's another tactic of the left: accusing normal Americans of racism for telling the truth about some...not all, but some, brown people.


[Liberals] provide kid glove treatment to Islamic radicals and unfriendly regimes and then show religious intolerance to Jews and Christians.

Amen. Do you know what I did last Sunday? I went to church, just like most weeks. Do you know what happened to me while I was there? Well, nothing really, it was perfectly pleasant, but do you know what would have happened if liberals had their way? You don't even want to know, trust me. Millions and millions of Christians experience the same persecution every day. Did you know there are bloggers and intellectuals who sometimes make fun of Christians? The fact that this happens in a free country personally established by God Himself is an affront to liberty.

[Liberals] allow a minority of Gay Rights Activists to dictate the definition of marriage and force Christians to comply.

Recently I read a story about a gay couple being married in Massachusetts, and I, a Christian, was literally forced to not make then unmarried. There was not a thing I could do to deny their lifelong commitment and union to each other. I was powerless to deny them tax and property benefits. This is how freedom dies.

[Liberals] use environmentalism to thwart the energy interests of Americans at a time of great financial stress and national security.

It is indeed a time of great national security, which is why we need to be utilizing all the non-renewable energy resources at our disposal before the immigrants terrorists win.

Note: think of "right to bare arms for liberals" joke. LOL

Liberals use humor relentlessly as a tool to suppress conservative ideas.

You have to admit, a conservative can't even make an innocent statement about forcible rape and childbirth without being ruthlessly mocked and suppressed by the Humor Gestapo. Of course, conservatives make jokes too (Feminazis, hehe), but conservative humor is always positive, intended to promote ideas, not suppress them.

How has any liberal idea ever ended well?

Some people will throw around responses like "women's suffrage" or "civil rights" or "allowing abused women to seek divorce" or "restricting child labor", but on further reflection you'll discover that all of liberalism's so-called "good ideas" were either bad (there were no feminazis before women could vote!) or were actually conservative ideas all along. We know this because all liberal ideas are bad; therefore, any idea that turns out to be good cannot have been liberal. It's just sound logic.

So I hope we've all learned a lesson: despite what people may say, even Jon McNaughton is worth taking seriously. Very, very seriously. That's why we need to round up the liberals and imprison them before they infect us all. LOL.

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  1. LOL. Wouldn't that be so funny if we just took everyone we don't agree with and abandoned them on an island without food or water?